NJ Advantages

Strong Pedigree :
At NJAMPL we come with a very strong pedigree of over 2 decades of investment advisory and investment management.
Rules Based Approach :
NJAMPL and its professional team has been able to design a strong portfolio management process driven by its proprietary "Rules Based and Quantitative Approach" to be implemented by an experienced team.
State of the art technology :
The in-house research team leverages its strong technology capability to integrate data sources and carry out analysis of desired underlying assets and makes use of the latest information and research tools.
Online Access:
The strong technology platform also offers web access to the clients to their own online Client Desk that contains the latest reports and portfolio information.
Extensive Product Offering :
As different investors come with disparate risk appetites and investment horizons, NJAMPL has brought to the table a wide range of products ranging from pure equity to dynamic asset allocation portfolios

Client Services

Online PMS Desk

At NJ Asset Management Private Limited, we provide our Clients with an online account called "PMS Desk". The PMS Desk enables our Clients to login to their account to get information of their investments with us, any-time, anywhere. All the data and reports are updated on a daily basis and detailed information on valuation, transactions, holdings, performance, etc. are available to the clients at the ease of a button. The PMS Desk also provides access to important documents and forms and makes the entire process of tracking portfolios hassle free & fun.

Client Reporting

NJ Asset Management Private Limited would be updating the clients on a regular basis of their portfolio through periodical reports, as mentioned below. Important reports are also available on the Online Desk.

Option of Direct On-Boarding of Clients

The Portfolio Manager offers the option of direct on-boarding to clients under the Discretionary Services. At the time of on-boarding of clients directly, no charges except statutory charges shall be levied for the on-boarding. The Client may download the Application from the website of the Portfolio Manager at www.njpms.in for availing the Portfolio Management Services and submit the same with required details and documents for direct on-boarding at the office of the Portfolio Manager.

Reports sent through e-mail / hard copies / available online

  • Holding/ Asset Allocation Statement
  • Transaction Statement
  • Expenditure Statement
  • Performance Statement
  • Corpus Movement Report
  • Capital Gain Report

Annual Reports:

  • Audited Profit & Loss Report
  • Audited Balance Sheet Statement


NRI PMS Account Opening Forms & Formats

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