Investment Management Philosophy

A disciplined approach by investors with right exposure and proper asset allocation can help in successful long-term wealth creation.

We at NJAS have been pioneering the mechanism of “Rules Based Investing” as against “Active Management”.

Rules based investing is a process oriented way of fund management wherein:

  • The selection of the underlying is based on a pre defined set of rules
  • The fund manager bias has been eliminated
  • The rules help the portfolio remain “true to label” at all times
  • The rules based models are able to be credibly back tested for their performance and volatility in various scenarios as there is no human intervention

The rules based funds are gaining traction globally and in India as it becomes tough to beat the benchmark when the information arbitrage becomes low when the market matures.

Exhibit 1: Active funds beaten by benchmarks in the world over

Exhibit 2:

So at NJAS we have been following the mechanism of a systematic Rules Based Investment Approach for the various products that are manufactured and offered to clients.

At NJAS we also believe that different types of clients have disparate risk appetites and investment horizons, so its important to provide a wide range of products on both Pure Equity and Dynamic Asset Allocation side.


NJ Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. has a strong lineage, as a part of the NJ Group. NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. (NJ), the flagship company of the group, was started in 1994 to cater to the growing needs in the financial services industry. NJ today is one of the leading distributors of investment products and providers of financial services in India.

The NJ group has a very strong understanding and domain expertise in financial investments space and portfolio management services accumulated over two decades of experience in the industry.

NJ is amongst the largest distributors of mutual funds in India and has over Rs. 71,947 Crore + * of mutual fund assets under advice. NJ also has one of the largest network of financial products distributors in India, numbering over 37,426+ * engaged in distribution of financial products.

The NJ Group is also spreading its Real Estate business by undertaking projects in engagement with various stakeholders. NJ also provides training and development services under the brand of NJ Gurukul. NJ Gurukul is one of the largest trainers of AMFI - Mutual Funds certification and is also one of the selected Education Providers (EP) of the prestigious Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification affiliated to FPSB India. NJ Insurance Brokers is a registered Insurance Broker with IRDA and offers insurance solutions to the clients. NJ Group recently also ventured into Information Technology business, offering clients with solutions that leverage upon the Group's strong IT expertise. The NJ group is currently present in over 95+ locations across 19 states in India and has over 1,475+ employees.

The NJ Group prides in being a professionally managed, quality focused and customer centric group. The NJ Group gives critical importance to internal processes and technology for providing convenience and value to clients.

NJ places a lot of importance to research and has an in-house research team dedicated to mutual fund analysis and experience in portfolio management, something that we strongly leverage at NJAS. At the heart of the NJ Group is the vision for overall financial well-being of the customer. As part of the NJ Group, we share the same ethos, values and culture and all the initiatives undertaken and services being offered by us are in line with this vision, to which we are committed.

as on 08/07/2020*

Management Team

While at NJAS we have been pioneering the practice of "Rules Based Investing", we have also built a credible team that is dedicated to wealth creation of its investors.

It works under strong operational processes and compliance, which ensures minimisation of operational risk while protecting interests of its investors. It follows a disciplined process for managing investments. The Board of Directors and Investment Committee provide overall direction to the investment function.

The Investment Policy is a comprehensive document, which provides a complete set of guidelines for managing the investors' portfolios.

Mr. Neeraj Choksi

NJ Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.
Educational Qualification : BBA, CFPCM
Work Experience : 25 years

Mr. Neeraj Choksi is the co-founder & promoter of the NJ Group, a diversified business Group, head-quartered in Surat. NJ Group has presence in businesses like Real Estate, Asset Management, Technology, Training and is primarily engaged in financial services industry wherein it has one of the largest networks of financial products distributors in India. As the visionary founder and MD of NJ Advisory Service Pvt Ltd., Mr. Neeraj Choksi has been involved in providing guidance to and shaping the future of the asset management business.

Mr. Viral Shah
Principal Officer

NJ Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.
Educational Qualification : B.E., MBA (Finance)
Work Experience : 16 years

Mr. Viral Shah has been preparing various strategies for PMS investment. Prior to joining, NJ Advisory Service Pvt Ltd., he worked as Research head at NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. and looked after mutual fund research, portfolio review and managing portfolio of NJ group companies and select corporate clients.

Corporate Governance

NJ Advisory Services realises the importance of corporate governance and seeks to implement the best practices for the same. We believe that, as corporate entities, we have some obligations and duties towards all stakeholders; including customers, employees, business partners, authorities and to society at large. In all our initiatives and operations, we aim to strike the right balance between upholding interests of the all stakeholders, especially our customers, minimising business risks and pursuance of growth in business.

Corporate Governance at NJ Advisory Services is based on the following main principles:

  • Timely and strict compliance to all established rules, regulations and guidelines.
  • Building sound system of risk management and internal control.
  • Timely and balanced disclosure and communication of all material information to all stakeholders.
  • Transparency and accountability in all practices.
  • Focus on process driven, unbiased, collective and controlled investment decision making process.
  • Strong internal audit for all practices to ensure continued improvements and effective implementation of policies.
  • Fair and equitable treatment of all its stakeholders including employees, associates, customers & community

Consumer Grievances:
The existing customers may approach NJ Customer Care Help Desk for any queries / clarifications or issues that they may face at NJ Advisory Services. Also you may email us for any queries or grievances.

Help-desk : 1800 200 0155 (Toll-Free)

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