Corporate Governance

NJ Asset Management Private Limited acknowledges the significance of corporate governance and strives to adopt the most effective practices in this area. We firmly believe that as corporate entities, we bear responsibilities and obligations towards all stakeholders, customers, employees, business partners, authorities, and society as a whole. Throughout our endeavors and operational activities, we are dedicated to achieving a harmonious equilibrium by prioritizing the interests of all stakeholders, particularly our customers, while mitigating business risks and pursuing sustainable business growth.

Corporate Governance at NJ Asset Management Private Limited is based on the following main principles:

  • Timely and diligent adherence to established rules, regulations, and guidelines.
  • Establishing a robust Risk Management and Internal Control system.
  • Ensuring timely and unbiased disclosure and communication of all significant information to stakeholders.
  • Promoting transparency and accountability in all operational practices.
  • Emphasizing a process-driven, unbiased, collaborative, and controlled investment decision-making process.
  • Implementing a rigorous Internal Audit function to drive ongoing improvements and effective policy implementation.
  • Ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all stakeholders, including employees, associates, customers, and the community.

Consumer Grievances:
The Grievance Redressal and Dispute Resolution Mechanism has been established to ensure excellent services for the clients of NJ Asset Management Private Limited (the "Portfolio Manager") and to comply with the SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 2020, as amended periodically. This mechanism allows clients to register their complaints, grievances, or provide feedback and suggestions regarding their interactions with the Portfolio Manager, including any inquiries they may have. It is designed to address these concerns promptly and within specified timelines. Customers can reach out to NJ Customer Care Help Desk for any queries, clarifications, or issues they may encounter, or they may also send an email for any inquiries or grievances they wish to communicate.

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