Investment Management Philosophy

We follow a systematic Rule-based Investment Approach across products, ensuring consistency and adherence to predefined guidelines for the benefit of our clients.

Rule-based Investing is a process driven and inherently disciplined approach with the following characteristics:

  • Security selection within each asset class is based on a predetermined set of rules.
  • Asset allocation where applicable is based on a predetermined set of rules using an in-house proprietary model.
  • Human intervention and biases are effectively eliminated at the execution stage.
  • The rules ensure that the portfolio consistently maintains its intended characteristics and adheres to its designated label.
  • Rule-based strategies can be reliably backtested over a long period to assess their performance and volatility under different scenarios.
  • Rule-based funds that are factor based are increasingly gaining popularity both globally and in India. This trend can be attributed to the high risk adjusted returns that factors can potentially deliver.