Client Services

Online PMS Desk
We offer our clients the convenience of an online account through our "PMS Desk." This facility enables clients to access information about their investments. The PMS Desk provides daily updates on data and reports, giving clients detailed information on valuation, transactions, holdings, performance and more at the click of a button. Additionally, the PMS Desk grants access to important documents and forms, streamlining the portfolio tracking process and making it hassle-free and enjoyable for clients.

We ensure regular updates are provided to our clients regarding their portfolios through periodic reports. These reports provide valuable insights and information about the performance and status of their investments. Additionally, reports can also be accessed through the Online Desk, providing clients with convenient and easy access to essential portfolio information.

Option of Direct On-Boarding of Clients
For clients opting for Discretionary Services, the Portfolio Manager provides the choice of direct on-boarding. During the direct on-boarding process, clients are not charged any fees except for statutory charges. Clients can visit the website of the Portfolio Manager at to download the application for availing Portfolio Management Services. The application should be duly filled with the required details and documents and submitted to the office of the Portfolio Manager for direct on-boarding.

Reports sent through e-mail / hard copies / available online

  • Holding/Asset Allocation Statement
  • Transaction Statement
  • Expenditure Statement
  • Performance Statement
  • Corpus Movement Report
  • Capital Gain Report

Annual Reports:

  • Audited Profit & Loss Report
  • Audited Balance Sheet Statement